The Stories We Tell

The first piece I drafted when I picked up writing several years after becoming a mother was fiction. I drew heavily from actual events but

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Laying Down Our Weapons

One of the gifts of doing my podcast is interviewing so many remarkable people and hearing about their experiences and what they’ve learned, to be

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New article up today

I interviewed some very smart 5-15 year olds for my article “What Kids Want You to Know”, advice for adults, up today at Seattle’s Child:

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Thank you for having us, Lit Crawl Seattle! Our Bad Moms reading featuring Wendy Staley Colbert, Jennifer D. Munro, Donna Miscolta and me. #LitCrawlSeattle

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About Ronit

Hi there! I’m Ronit. I’m a writer, podcaster, teacher, and storyteller. I love the way stories–whether fiction or nonfiction or interviews–bridge vastly different lived experiences and help connect those who might not otherwise have found each other.

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