Letโ€™s Talk Memoir is a podcast for memoir lovers, readers and writers, featuring interviews with memoirists about their writing process, their challenges, and what theyโ€™ve learned about sharing the most personal of narratives. Hosted by writer, speaker, and memoirist Ronit Plank, each episode of this limited series highlights different aspects of the memoir writing experience, writing tips, and inspiration.

The Body Myth with Ronit Plank & Guests


From coast-to-coast women grow up with their bodies being watched and, almost without fail, learning to watch their own bodies. This self-surveillance begins young and for many women feels impossible to stop. It permeates our relationships and decisions, negatively impacts our physical wellbeing, mental health, and overall quality of life. The Body Myth podcast features conversations with women about when they first began judging themselves, how that has impacted their lives, and what theyโ€™ve come to understand about their bodies and the world. Each episode explores how we got here, why our size and shape has nothing to do with happiness, and what we can do to find body peace.


Take a deep dive…

into a featured guestโ€™s personal history; the pivotal moments of their childhood and adulthood that defined them and the crucial and sometimes painful decisions they made that forever changed the course of their lives.

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Hi there! I’m Ronit. Iโ€™m a writer, podcaster, teacher, and storyteller. I love the way storiesโ€“whether fiction or nonfiction or interviewsโ€“bridge vastly different lived experiences and help connect those who might not otherwise have found each other.

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