Ronit Plank is a writer, teacher, podcast host & speaker who believes that stories save us.

Ronit Plank is a writer, teacher, podcast host & speaker who believes that stories save us.

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Memoir Ask-Me-Anything, May 7: Have burning questions about writing your story? Wonder if writing memoir can be a generous act? Want tips on how to get started? Join us for an interactive session where you can ask anything related to memoir writing. Ronit Plank and Lisa Keefauver will open the hour with an introduction to writing memoir and the impact on healing memoir can have. Then we'll open the floor to your questions. Don't miss this opportunity to get valuable guidance and support! Register here.

My upcoming memoir workshop: Putting the Plot in Your Workshop, May 11. Attend virtually as part of Bianca Marais of the podcast The Shit No One Tells You About Writing memoir retreat All About Memoir. Here's a link for information and when you register, mention I sent you.

Stories save us.


Let’s Talk Memoir is a podcast for memoir lovers, readers and writers, featuring interviews with memoirists about their writing process, their challenges, and what they’ve learned about sharing the most personal of narratives. Hosted by writer, speaker, and memoirist Ronit Plank, each episode highlights different aspects of the memoir writing experience, writing tips, and inspiration.

Recently on Let’s Talk Memoir

Episode 90 ft. Kathleen Dorothy Blackburn

Kathleen Dorothy Blackburn joins Let’s Talk Memoir for a conversation about listening to and putting our younger selves on the page, recognizing family codes we can no longer adhere to, place as a character in memoir, writing like nobody will ever see our work, how...

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Episode 89 ft. Kate Manne

Kate Manne joins Let’s Talk Memoir for a conversation about coming of age in fatphobic culture, disentangling the threads of weight, health, and diet culture, the racism at the root of anti-fatness, writing ourselves out and then back into our work, the psycho-social...

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Praise for Let’s Talk Memoir and Ronit Plank

"Finally, a memoir-themed podcast with an educated, skilled host who welcomes a spectrum of writers. The topics are so helpful to me in this stage of my writing career. I look forward to each new episode. Thank you, Ronit Plank.

"Ronit is an excellent interviewer who brings in an array of guests demonstrating wisdom and vulnerability in navigating some of the hardest situations in life. This podcast is a guiding light."

"This is my go-to show about writing. It offers both depth and conciseness. Every episode I've listened to has added to my understanding and appreciation of modern memoirs."

Books by Ronit Plank

When She Comes Back

“An intimate, intuitive, emotionally vivid account that finds hope in reconciliation.” – Kirkus Reviews

When She Comes Back is a memoir about the loss of Ronit’s mother to the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, the guru at the center of the Netflix docuseries Wild Wild Country, and their eventual reconciliation. It’s also the story of a family trying to find itself, grownups who don’t know how to be adults, and what happens when the person your life revolves around can’t stay.

Home Is a Made Up Place

“A poignant and melancholy collection of stories about the constant search for a place to belong.” – Kirkus Reviews

Bracing and intimate, Home is a Made-Up Place is a collection of stories about reclaiming personal power, recognizing the difference between what can and cannot be changed, and the pull of familial attachments despite the toll they might take.

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