My name is Ronit Plank, and I’m a writer, podcaster, teacher, and storyteller. Some of my work has been published in The Atlantic, The Washington Post, The HuffPost, and The Rumpus, but for a complete list of links please visit my Published Works page.  

My passion is learning how someone else has lived or survived or has come to understand something about themselves. I love the way stories–whether fiction or nonfiction or interviews–bridge vastly different lived experiences and help connect those who might not otherwise have found each other. Listening to someone tell you their truth and being able to share your own can be the glue that keeps us together and seen and supported.

 I wrote my memoir (Motina Books 2021) to offer a window into how losing my mother to the guru at the center of the documentary Wild Wild Country impacted my childhood and how, after years of emotional distance, we reconciled when I became a mother myself.

I created the podcast And Then Everything Changed to highlight the lives of people who have survived hardship or trauma or pain and have made it their mission to help others find their way, whose stories inspire me to stay vulnerable and searching and strong. I release new And Then Everything Changed episodes every week and the podcast is available on most platforms. I hope you’ll tune in!
Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about me.

– Ronit