I speak about & teach workshops on writing, podcasting, interview techniques, & building relationships.

Here are some recent offerings:
  • Youโ€™re Not the Hero: Writing with Generosity in Memoir
  • Who Am I: Character and Narrator in Memoir
  • Scenes That Work: Choosing What Stays in Your Memoir & What Goes
  • The Divided Self in Memoir & Why We Need It
  • Nurturing Your Writing & Publishing Life
  • Podcasting Mistakes I Made & How to Avoid Them
  • Compelling Conversations: Strategies for Exceptional Interviewsย 
Please inquire for details and pricing at ronit (at) ronit plank (dot) com.
Morgan Baker
Morgan Baker Senior Affiliated Faculty at Emerson College, and author of the award-winning memoir, Emptying the Nest: Getting Better at Goodbyes
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"I was so happy when Ronit said she could talk to my Zoom writers. After reading her two books, I knew sheโ€™d have a lot to share. I was right. She is a deep well of memoir craft ideas. She talked to my writers about how to choose what scenes and information to include in their work. She was clear, concise, and shared examples so my writers could better understand how to put her advice to use. While she Zoomed in to talk to my writers, I benefitted as well, and walked away feeling a little bit smarter about how to move forward in my own writing."
Traci Skuce
Traci SkuceFounder, The Writing Journey
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"I loved your workshop, and so did everyone else. Really wonderful."
Rhonda Douglas
Rhonda DouglasFounder, Resilient Writers
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"Ronit really is so gifted at teaching memoir."
Stephanie Weaver
Stephanie WeaverMemoir in progress and author of The Migraine Relief Plan and The Migraine Relief Plan Cookbook
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"Ronit's keen editing eye and homework suggestions helped me identify what wasn't working in my memoir and how to fix it. I felt energized by her feedback instead of discouraged. I wish I had worked with her earlier in the process!"