This week I held—for the first time—a physical copy of my memoir When She Comes Back. I have been working with the manuscript for years, with the story itself even longer than that, but the sensation of having the book in my hands was everything that so many writers before me have expressed. It’s kind of like looking down at your newborn baby and realizing: Oh my gosh I made this!

The publishing process kicked off almost a year ago but even though I have been thinking of and dreaming of the May 11th release date for my book for a while, I don’t think I knew what it was like to hold it and flip through the pages. I think it is one of the most exciting things that I’ve experienced in my writing life and I am so happy and grateful for the experience. More info here.

Here are some book updates:

-The paperback and Kindle versions are currently in pre-order with all booksellers big and small. You can ask your local bookshop to pre-order it for you, too. When you pre-order the paperback you can have the audiobook which I narrated and recorded at Cedar House Audio as a gift. All you need to do is send me a message on social media: @ronitplank or send me an email: with a copy of your purchase and your email address, and I will send the audiobook to your inbox. I’d love to send this to you, thank you so much for your support!

-May 11th at 7:30 I will be appearing at Town Hall Seattle Livestream with Debra Gwartney! The title of our event is Family Members Who Leave and Why Personal Stories Matter.

Links for information and tickets are here.


This week on the podcast former football player Kenneth Scott who overcame a complicated and painful childhood. He graduated from the University of Utah, where he earned two degrees while being a student-athlete. Through his exemplary ethic of leadership – he received many awards for his combination of community service, athletic, and academic performance, which resulted in him receiving the most Inspirational Male Student- Inspirational Male Student-Athlete and opportunities to play professionally in the NFL and CFL. But after suffering two serious injuries he realized he would need to make a tough decision; he would need to set a new course for his life.

You can listen here.

Next week on the podcast Laila Tarraf who lost her husband to a drug overdose when her daughter was very young. It wasn’t until her mother was dying that Laila was able to better understand her history with co-dependent relationships, deal with death of her husband, and be at her mom’s bedside as her life ended. Her experience informed her leadership, her mothering, and her approach to the unexpected. Her new book Strong Like Water is out now.

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