One of the gifts of doing my podcast is interviewing so many remarkable people and hearing about their experiences and what they’ve learned, to be able to listen to their stories from childhood and adulthood and understand what they went through and then somehow overcame. Every conversation renews my faith in our resilience and our power to change.⁣⁣

I’ve wished more than once that becoming brave was only about acknowledging what we’ve faced. It’s hard enough to acknowledge the truth of our experience let alone have to dig in and do more emotional work. But again and again in my conversations with my guests and also in writing my memoir I’ve seen the gifts of vulnerability, of taking off our armor so we can break the cycle.

This week on the podcast Heather Vickery of the Brave Files Podcast and author of 2 gratitude journals joins me for episode 47-A Coming Out and Into Power Story. About 8 years into her marriage Heather had the realization that she was married to the wrong sex. She and her husband were great parents to their four children but she knew something in her intimate relationship with him didn’t feel quite right. As the truth became clearer and clearer, she understood she’d have to harness her courage, follow her heart, and live her life authentically.

Last week Britt East joined me for episode 46 to talk about overcoming a childhood of abuse and isolation and unhealthy adult relationships to become the man he was meant to be. Britt’s new book is A Gay Man’s Guide to Life.

Next week Quan Hyunh who was formerly incarcerated in California joins me for episode 48 to talk about losing his father at a young age, the death of another gang member at his hands, and his new book Sparrow in the Razorwire.
I hope you’ll tune in wherever you like to listen to podcasts.

During this turbulent and unsure time I believe stories can light the way. Stories can heal.

Thank you for being here.