Happy New Year and January and winter and possible-fresh-starts-but-maybe-regular-life because really, some of the most enduring and important changes happen slowly.

All winter-school break long, my family and I dreamed of what it might be like to stay somewhere overnight or go to the snow or get on a plane and feel some sun but we didn’t end up going anywhere. I sometimes think that I’ve grown very tolerant of inactivity—physical activity, that is. Mentally, I feel charged and ready to go, happy to produce podcast episodes, write articles, and get the last changes in my book. I exercise a bit indoors, so I feel more alive but I’m pretty good at indoor pandemic life.

I know it has been challenging for many and hard at times to support loved ones who are struggling. I’ve tried to check in and listen and not “solve.” That is a task for me because I’m pretty into results and action and instructions, but lots of times, what people need most is support via listening and love.

This week on the podcast Jaclyn Greenberg joins me to talk about her experience contracting CMV while pregnant with her second child that left him unable to speak or walk. For years guilt weighed heavily on Jaclyn. She blamed herself and was often frustrated with the medical and social landscape she faced as the mother of a child in need of more care. Eight years later her family of five is stronger than ever and she is on a mission to educate and empower others about raising differently-abled children.

You can listen to that episode on your favorite platform.

Next week on the podcast my guest Mark Schutter joins me to share his story of nursing his first wife through cancer, becoming a young widower, and what he’s learned about the man he was all those years go and who he is now.

I am happy to share this article I wrote about judgement in the time of COVID-19.

I’d been thinking for a while about how so many of us bunkered in our homes, watching life happen around us can feel deprived, angry, and also how others can feel that way when they witness us going about our lives. Turns out there’s good reason for this. You can read my article here.

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