My memoir When She Comes Back officially became a book in the world on Tuesday, and I’m so thrilled to see it is at the time of this writing #1 New Release in Kindle Biographies of Hoaxes and Deceptions. It’s a category I didn’t know about, but I’ll take it!

I have been overwhelmed and moved by the support for my debut book; friends, family and writing pals have been so encouraging and generous. Releasing a book is a lot like planning a wedding or getting ready to have a child—you plan and plan, organize, schedule, imagine, time drags on and then BOOM, the day arrives and you can hardly wrap your head around it.

If you’ve read or are reading my book, thank you so much! After so many years of writing and editing and revising, it’s an amazing thing to know it’s in your hands.

Reviews are so important to a book’s success and I would LOVE for you to leave your review on Amazon and Goodreads so that others can find my memoir. And, if you like it, please tell your friends because word of mouth is powerful.

I love doing book events, book clubs, and connecting with readers, so if your group is interested in having me, please let me know!

Book Events

Today, Friday, May 14th, at 7 PM PST, I’ll be a guest on Story Smash, the storytelling game show. Several expert judges will listen to me, and three other contestants vie for first place in a storytelling contest where all we have is a subject suggestion and 1- and 2-minute impromptu storytelling time! Thank goodness I used to do a bit of Improv. If you’re still awake, please tune in and root me on! It could be bananas.

Find Story Smash on YouTube and FB Live at StoryWorthy

Wednesday 5/19: I’ll be a guest in the noon hour on Seattle’s NPR station The Record hosted by Bill Radke. I was a guest in 2018 when I was first working on my memoir and I’m so happy to join Bill again for a conversation about writing difficult family events and the media’s take on cults and coercive religions.

Wednesday 5/19: I’ll be a guest on a FB Live with Salt Water/Find Your Harbor at 1 PM PST to talk about my book. Here’s the link:

Friday 5/21: I’ll be doing a reading and a book signing at North Bank Books in Stevenson Washington at 5 PM. This is going to be so fun and if you’re in the area, or feel like taking a road trip, I’d love to see you!


This is Cult Week on And Then Everything Changed
I am especially honored to be able to share these stories from quests whose parents joined cults and who had to work extra hard to keep themselves safe, search for the truth, and become resilient. My guests are author Lily Dunn, Dhyana Levey, and Benjamin Risha and you can follow this link to hear their episodes.

I hope this third weekend in May finds you well and you can do something fun. I know I will be reading some friends’ books, sitting outside a bit with my feet up, and catching up on a whole lot of chores. I kind of let go for a little bit during launch.

Thank you so much for being here.