There's Room For Us All

Made It Through The Heat Dome

The heat melted our brains over here in Seattle during late June but I have good news to report:

I am still alive AND I was able to get edits to my publisher for my next book! 

This collection of my short stories entitled Home Is A Made-Up Place won the Hidden River Arts 2020 Eludia Award and I am thrilled to be readying it for spring 2022 publication with Sowilo Press. I even got away to a café to check it over with a tall cold brew and potato chips chaser. Snacks + time to write = Heaven.

I’ll be posting updates about this collection soon and story previews too. So excited to share this with you!

Room For All Of Us

I was visiting with family and off social media for a day or two when I opened my page and saw that Margo Fowkes of Find Your Harbor had posted a quote of mine that she appreciated. 

Thank you, Margo for sharing this!

When I first made the switch from fiction to memoir writing I was unsure anybody would want to or need to read the story of my mother leaving to follow a guru, my family’s end, and how I got through my childhood. I knew my story was a bit different but felt others had it far worse or had more important things to say.

But I learned that there was room for my words in the world. And if I didn’t write my story somebody else would or, more likely, nobody would.

I’m grateful I listened and followed this path, that my memoir When She Comes Back is out in the world, and that I have come to embrace the power of our personal stories.

If you are just getting started thinking about or writing yours, I am over here cheering you on! The world has room for yours, the world wants to hear yours.

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