It’s my absolute pleasure to share my interview with writing and publishing expert Jane Friedman on episode 8 of my limited series podcast Let’s Talk Memoir! Jane Friedman joins me for a conversation about the most common craft issues she sees in memoir manuscripts, The Big Five and what writers often misunderstand about the industry, how to write memoir query letters, ways the publishing landscape has changed for memoirs, the lowdown on platform, protecting identities in memoir and so much more in this do-not-miss episode.

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Forgiveness is not the word I would use

My sister, mom, and me soon after she returned from her first time following Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. She is wearing the colors he prescribed and her black-beaded mala with his photo at the end (which I couldn’t stand)

My mother and I are very close these days which can surprise people who know about our story.

Over the past almost-year of doing author events, book clubs, and guesting on podcasts to talk about my memoir, I’ve found the issue of forgiveness comes up the most. My hosts have asked me how I found forgiveness after my mom left for a guru several times when I was a kid. I’ve realized that forgiveness is not the word I would use nor is it something I’ve looked for.

For me it’s been more a combination of curiosity (to understand that my mother‘s behavior had lots to do with her experience growing up), acceptance (I can’t change what happened then but I can appreciate what I have now), a bit of closure (my mother has been able to have more conversations with me about what happened), and self-love (realizing she didn’t leave because of me).

Recovering and healing is a lifelong process. I don’t think we’re ever really done, just in different stages at any given time. It’s been a privilege to be able to share my story and an honor to know that it has resonated with others.

Because I love memoir

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