I’m so happy to announce that Let’s Talk Memoir Merch is here for you and your favorite memoir lover! Choose from important reading-and-writing-life accessories like:

  • Cozy mugs
  • Sturdy reusable bags for books and snacks
  • Cheery stickers
  • Comfy T-Shirts

You can take a look at the Let’s Talk Memoir Merch store on Zazzle which is running a holiday sale: https://www.zazzle.com/store/letstalkmemoir

I’ll be adding more items over the coming weeks so check back often.

When my short story collection Home is a Made-Up Place was published in February, the ingenious Amy Lorraine Long of Instagram account Taylor Swift as Books created this graphic which ended up breaking a record for book Taylors. There’s something about these colors and this cover and, of course the gorgeous photo of Taylor that made it a fan favorite.


Then, last week I got the news that my publisher, Motina Books nominated my story “House in the Woods” from this collection for a Pushcart Prize and in November I learned that Home is a Made-Up Place won the Page Turner Award for Short Stories.

If you or someone you love enjoys literary fiction this collection could be a great gift. It’s about longing to be seen, recognizing the difference between what can and cannot be changed, and the pull of familial attachments despite the toll they might take and is available in paperback and e-book. You can learn more/get the book here:


There are now 64 episodes of Let’s Talk Memoir available! My conversation with Sherry Sidoti: Memoir in Present Tense and Reprocessing Our Lives Through Writing debuted today and episode 63 with writing and editing extraordinaire Estelle Erasmus, dropped last week. Estelle brings her over 30 years of experience to this conversation in which we cover:

  • what your personal essay needs
  • how to approach editors
  • pitching story vs. topic
  • honing a writer’s voice
  • writing companion pieces for your memoir

Let’s Talk Memoir is available on your favorite podcast platform and here on this web site.

I’ve been thinking about what makes us writers and how we can be hard on ourselves about producing work. I am definitely more of a feast or famine writer and sometimes the famine can be loooooooong.

It’s been a while since I had a chunk of uninterrupted time to write. I’ve completed some articles and written poetry but I haven’t had as much generative space as I wish. With my editing and teaching responsibilities and Let’s Talk Memoir production my own writing has occasionally slipped to the bottom of the pile. I love making the podcast and my editing and teaching work *And* I also want to honor my need to write.

So when my mother invited me to use her place while she was away for a bit, I jumped at the chance and spent a few mornings on my own in her condo with my laptop and coffee. (Thanks, Mom!). I haven’t yet drafted a whole new book but I discovered some things and got excited about creating, and am that much closer to seeing what my next project is.

I remembered when we’re not “WRITING” in all caps, the writer in us hasn’t gone anywhere, we didn’t lose them. Our writing selves are alive and well even when we aren’t at our desks typing away. They are waiting for us, observing, experiencing, taking notes, and will be there when we’re ready to tap into what they want to show us.

Here’s to introspection and inspiration. May you find peace, comfort, and coziness this holiday season, and let’s please look out for each other.

See you in 2024!